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A Myth of RSS Remote Control!

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BJP leaders Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh paid visit to Keshav Kunj, RSS office in Delhi, to meet Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat. In this meeting, RSS Sarkaryavah and Sah Sarkaryavah were also present. Such interactions are very natural in the Sangh and therefore, should not be a news item. RSS functions like a big family, where all constituents function independently, but through frequent interactions they do experience sharing and get new energy. Every big family has a linchpin. Strong existence of this central axis keeps the family united and strong. With the Sangh inspiration, hundreds of constructive works are going on throughout the country. In the Sangh functioning, Sarsanghachalak is a friend, philosopher and guide of all such works. It does not mean that the Sarsanghachalak have knowledge of each and every field. Former Sarsanghachalak Balasaheb Deorasji used to say, “We are not an expert in every field. Every field is to be taken care of by the workers in respective fields.” It means the Sarsanghachalak does not go into the details of each and every field and therefore, does not needlessly interfere. Then, there cannot be more laughable statement than that “there is a RSS remote control”.

The moment Narednra Modi and Rajnath Singh met Sarsanghachalak, Congress spokesperson, Abhishek Manu Singhvi got perturbed and started omitting through media. Singhvi’s character was under scrutiny due to a CD controversy of obscene behaviour in 2012 and still available on internet. His statements getting widespread publicity from all sections of media reflects nothing but all over moral deterioration in every walk of life.

The primary responsibility of state is greatest happiness of all. No ruler should forget this. They should not be carried away from this task due to lust for power.

Comparatively, a reasonable reaction came from communists, the staunch opposite quarters of RSS. Sitaram Yechury said, “Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh meeting the RSS chief is their internal matter. BJP is the political wing of RSS and therefore, why do they meet each other, for what purpose is their internal issue.” At least Yechury did not give any mischievous reaction like that of Singhvi. He should be congratulated for such responsible stand. But BJP is the political wing of RSS is not a reality. It is true that there are many swayamsevaks in the BJP. All other parties have followed the principle of untouchability and denied entry of swayamsevaks in their fold. Tomorrow, if the communist parties decide to make swayamsevaks as their members, situation will be different. A definite outcome will be nationalisation of the Communist parties.

RSS does not need any political front. Sangh expects nationalisation of the whole polity. From the Sangh point of view, it is ‘nation first’. Bharat is an eternal nation, and not a conglomeration of many nationalities or cultures. Neither is it a hodgepodge of many races. One nation, one race. Life values are one and therefore, the goal of nation is the same. Attainment of highest level of happiness for all is our prime objective and for the purpose we should have best form of social, religious and political systems. Whoever accepts this ‘idea of Bharat as a nation’ is part and parcel of the Sangh, a broad philosophical stream.

Being work of national reconstruction on the basis of these values mere attainment of political power cannot be the role of Sangh. People with ‘national’ approach should be in the political system is the priority. Therefore, if at all, there is a ‘remote control’, it is for the national cause. Abhishek Singhvi, equating this with the Congress remote control, Sonia Gandhi, is absolutely absurd. Sonia Gandhi’s remote control has been extra-constitutional and therefore, detrimental to democracy. One point programme of this power centre was to concentrate power in Miano, Gandhi and Vadra families and all congressmen including Manmohan Singh, Abhishek Singhvi and Digvijay Singh were flunkey followers of these families. Therefore, Sonia’s remote control was of crushing the national pride and creating a colonial mindset.

Sangh does not intend to create such ‘yes-men’. It expects the state of Chandragupta, Vikramaditya, Raja Bhoj, Krishnadev Rai and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. A king, in democratic set up symbolised by the post of Prime Minister, should be self-righteous and dignified. A Prime Minister cannot be weak, meek, cowardice, powerless and always defensive. Sangh may not have thought anything different while giving concurrence to Modi’s name.

There is nothing wrong in Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh apprising the Sangh as a sense of responsibility. There must be and should be sense of responsibility about their work. The responsibility is threefold. After election, they are firstly responsible to the Parliament. Fulfilling expectations of People is the second level of responsibility and third responsibility is towards nation. Sangh represents this nation. People like Abhishek Singhvi and Digivjay Singh may not be able to understand this reality; but RSS is a living example of the eternal nation.

Responsible to the Sangh is not limited to a person or even an organisation. Our nation rests on the edifice of strong moral character. Individual and national character both should be virtuous. This national thinking is broadly known as ‘Hindu way of Life’ in Sangh parlance. Responsibility towards Sangh means, being responsible to this moral national character. Our national thinking is for ‘welfare of all’, which includes not only human beings but all living beings. All living beings and non-living beings are creation of the same cosmic spirit and therefore, every one of us has a divine element. This basic philosophy of life should guide our social, economic and political systems. Responsible to Sangh means striving for such systems.

Sangh is an embodiment of a lifestyle, which teaches us to work harmoniously, inculcate the value that organisation is bigger than me and nation is bigger than organisation, collective decisions should be adhered to and the assigned responsibility should be carried through with utmost commitment. Responsible to Sangh means, being responsible to this lifestyle. There is nothing wrong in having a Sangh remote control on these issues. No one should be ashamed of it. If at all, it should be Congress who allowed being remote controlled by Rome, Communists who are controlled by Russia or China and people like Kejriwal who are doing political stunts with support from foreign agencies like Ford and Macfellar Foundations, should be shameful of their acts.

The primary responsibility of state is greatest happiness of all. No ruler should forget this. They should not be carried away from this task due to lust for power. Somebody should be in a position to take them to task if there is any deviation. Sangh has taken the responsibility of reconstructing prosperous and powerful India, not because somebody has entrusted it but because this is a need of the hour. Therefore, it is a divine work. It does not have any ifs and buts.

We are responsible to such pious and divine work should be matter of pride for every representative of the BJP. People, become helpless in front of Sonia Gandhi and bow before Rahul and Priyanka do not feel ashamed. After being involved in corrupt and immoral acts, they provide all kinds of justification for it. Comparatively, link with the Sangh is like taking a deep in the Ganga. If needed, these linked should be proudly declared.

In coming days, there will be obvious tactics to corner RSS by helpless Congress and intellectuals, environmentalists and secularists sponsored by foreign agencies. Media houses, who also have stakes from outside, will accompany them with sensational and distorted news items. We have to march forward after crushing all these hindrances. The future is ours and we are the architect of it.


Ramesh Patange

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