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Ajmal Foundation Received Funds From Terror Linked Groups

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Guwahati. Ajmal Foundation of AIUDF Badruddin Ajmal has allegedly received 69.55 crores for educational purposes but was using it counter the Hindutva political force in the state of Assam. In what appears to be a larger FCRA violation and threat to the national security.

This has been revealed by the Legal Rights Observatory group, which keeps a close watch on FCRA violations.

#FCRAViolation Ajmal Foundation of @BadruddinAjmal got Rs 69.55 Cr for educn, used only Rs 2.05 Cr for it, rest routed for #AIUDF, to counter @himantabiswa ‘s #Hindutva juggernaut, #Turkish n UK terror grps funded it in crores! Wrote @HMOIndia  for #FCRA cancellation.

Here, the point which is more surprising and has now become a grave cause of concern is that these funds received by Ajmal Foundation have Turkish, Palestinian, and UK terror groups as donors.

Ajmal Foundation received foreign funds from Ummah Welfare Trust, UK. This is the same group that is accused of money laundering and funding terror outfits. This group have a history of working with terror groups in Gaza, banned by the USA. Ummah Welfare group was also the client of UK-based Qutar controlled bank Al-Rayan, which the UK investigated over terror financing allegations.

Another donor includes a group named Insani Yardim Vakfi, which has links to terror groups like Al-Quida. According to a Nordic monitor report, this group in 2014 had supplied arms to Al-Quida backed terror groups in Syria. This group is also said to have links with Popular Front of India, yet another suspicious Islmao-Left group in India.

The Ajmal Foundation also received funds from another charity group Mulsim Aid UK which is allegedly having links with terror outfits like Hizbul-Mujahidin.

This is not the first time Ajmal-led AIUDF has come under the scanner for having ties with terror groups. In 2012, AIUDF was accused of providing training to Jihadist forces in Assam.


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