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‘Bridging South’ – A campaign to counter the false propaganda of ‘Cutting South’

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New Delhi. Prajna Pravah will launch a campaign titled ‘Bridging South’ to counter the ‘Cutting South’ event by a group of politically motivated people in Kerala and Chennai on December 12, National Convenor of Prajna Pravah J. Nandakumar said.

“Inauguration of ‘Bridging South’ will be on December 12 in Delhi. This will be an event to counter the ideology behind the event ‘cutting south’. Bharat is one from North to the south which is why in Vedas it is mentioned that up-to the ocean Bharat is one. We are culturally and spiritually one. But recently some substance with a divisive mentality has tried to divide Bharat”, he said.

He further stated that some outfits have started campaigning on the message ‘Bharat is to be divided’.

“Some political parties, some so-called intellectuals have started campaigning about ‘Cutting south’. ‘Bharat is to be divided’ is a certain message they are trying to give to the common people. When asked why they had selected such a topic as ‘cutting south’?”

“They used to give some strange explanation that they are conducted it on the background of Global divide of North and South. The program organised in Kerala was inaugurated by Kerala Chief Minister. Another representative who was invited was confined to South India alone. So, what does this mean? This has nothing to do with the international agenda of the Global South-North divide,” he added.

“This is definitely to give a poisonous and divisive message to common people. Naturally, when common people hear such a message from the media they will not think of this so-called Global South and all. There is some false propaganda behind this ‘cutting south'”, J. Nandakumar said.

“Naturally common man who is not very literate politically will think because the media has covered it, so and so has talked about it, yes there are some substances in it. So, to counter such ideology that is being injected should be counter intellectually,” he added.

He also mentioned that on similar lines a programme for the Northeastern region will be organised.

“We will do multiple events of ‘Bridging South in different southern cities. After this ‘bridging south’ we will plan for a similar program like ‘bridging north-east’ for other parts of the Bharat”, he said.

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