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Footballers make crores, but game is nonsense, meaningless, says Islamic clergy

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The other day Samstha Kerala Jam-hayathul-Qutba Committee, the organisation of Khabees who deliver Friday speeches in mosques, called for stopping the ‘football frenzy’. Now, Sunni Yuvajana Samgham (SYS) leader Parode Abdurahman Saqafi requests the religious leadership to come forward against this craze.

And, Salahi preacher Abdul Muhsin Aideed said that football craze is anti-Islam. Aideed blasted the people who call prominent star players Gods. They claim, nothing is impossible for them. They make crores with it. It does not make any sense. People behind these dramas exaggerate the players. They erect cutouts as if it is the symbol of their pride.

This is the latest episode of religious fundamentalism which does not approve games, sports, arts and entertainments. This is a Talibanist trend, a threat to civilized and healthy social life, a sterling characteristic of Bharatiya culture.

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