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Girl student went to school wearing ‘Tripund’ tilak, forced to withdraw admission

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Meerut. A class 11, student went to school wearing ‘tripund tilak’ and a rudraksha bracelet, for which the school administration punished her. The student made a video of the incident and shared it on social media. Later, the administration allegedly lodged a complaint against her, which sparked protests and controversy. The incident has come to light in the Modipuram area of the Meerut district in Uttar Pradesh.

The girl is a student at Subhash Inter College, located in Modipuram area. The principal of the school has accused the girl of disrupting harmony by inciting religious fanaticism among fellow students.

The principal said, “The girls discussed topics like love jihad with other students, and nothing of this sort can be accepted on campus”.

She added, “The girl used to share views against the Muslim community and used to target them. She said, we will burn them on the streets, we will not let any Muslims rot the lives of Hindu girls anymore. This school houses students from different communities, and such behaviour cannot be accepted. This is an educational institution”.

As per the media reports, the girl student has been wearing tilak and rudraksha for a long time now. Even though she was stopped by the authorities, she continued to wear it every day. Almost two days ago, she recorded everything on a mobile phone and shared the clip on social media, accusing the school for their behaviour. She made serious allegations against the school.

After the video came out, the school administration filed a written complaint at the Pallavpuram police station. Later, the minor’s family reached the school and protested.

The minor’s mother, while interacting with the media, said, “I watched The Kerala Story and The Kashmir Files with my daughter. This is the age I should teach my girl about love jihad and other targeted crimes. I told my daughter, and she told her friend, what is wrong with this?”

She further added, “We voted for Yogi Ji so that no one takes away our tripund tilak, our rudraksha or our kalawa”.

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