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Kannur – Hindu Aikya Vedi strongly condemns the attempt to insult ‘Vidhyarambham’ ceremony

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Kannur, Kerala. The Hindu Aikya Vedi has strongly criticised the recent incident attempting to disrupt the ‘Vidhyarambham’ ceremony in Kannur. (Vidhyarambham – a sacred Hindu ritual also known as Akshara Abhyasam, which marks the auspicious beginning of education and honors Goddess Saraswati Devi)

Valsan Thillankeri, the Working President of Hindu Aikya Vedi, accused the CPI(M) of leading a program that insults and disrespects this important Hindu ceremony. He urged the CPI(M) to refrain from such practices in the name of secularism, asserting that their actions are, in reality, aimed at undermining Hindu beliefs.

The controversy centers around the application form for the ‘Vidhyarambham’ ceremony, which is administered by the Municipal Library Committee in Kannur district.

In the prescribed application form, they provide multiple options for religious expressions, including ‘Om Hari Sri Ganapathaye Namah,’ ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and ‘Jesus praise’.

Traditionally, this day has been celebrated to honor the Hindu Goddess, and the inclusion of these other options has raised concerns about potential disrespect to Hindu beliefs. Valsan Thillankeri has labelled it as a propaganda program aimed at desecrating and disrespecting this sacred ceremony.

The controversial form was used for the Vidhyarambham ceremony conducted by the Municipal Library Committee at the Thangal Memorial Government Upper Primary School in Mattanur, Kannur district. It has garnered criticism from various quarters.

Input Courtesy – JanamTV

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