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Kerala – Police case against Christian priest and BJP leader and actor Krishnakumar for addressing pro-Israel rally

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Kerala (VSK). Kerala Police, presided by Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister in-charge of Home Ministry, has registered a case against Krishnakumar, actor and BJP leader in Thiruvananthapuram. He is charged for declaring solidarity with Israel while addressing a Christian Pouravali (civil society) programme organised by various Christian Churches on October 15. The Peace March was carried out from Palayam Martyr Column, Thiruvananthapuram. Christian Establishment Fellowship International (CEFI) Diocese Minority Board President Rev. Bishop Dr. Mobil Mathew Kunnampilly, actor Jose, Brother-in-Church representative Gilber, YMCA former president Koshy M. George, Our Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) secretary Aneesh Thyagarajan, BJP area president Sanal and social worker V.T. Cherian led the march. Hundreds of believers belonging to various Christian denominations had participated.

The case has been filed based on the charges of unlawful assembly, incitement, blocking the road and creating danger. A case was also registered against Mobin Mathew Kunnampally and Krishnakumar and 58 others. It is reported that only these two names have been recorded.

Krishnakumar revealed that prior permission was obtained for the event. He said, about 100 people peacefully lit candles and prayed in the presence of about 10 policemen including an officer of Circle Inspector rank. He wondered how can a programme against the brutal terror attacks in Israel on October 7 be interpreted as a call for violence.

The political observers view the case against Krishnakumar and a high priest as blatant attempt to grab minority vote bank. It was never an emotional call for violence. Hundreds of pro-Palestine rallies have taken place in the state. They were organised by Muslim organisations, Congress and CPM. Provocative slogans were reported from most of them. Burn Israel, Destroy Israel, etc. were the reported slogans. It is reported that there is rule for initiating cases against call for war against friendly countries. But no case has been registered against CPM or Congress or Muslim organisation leaders. Krishnakumar had only mentioned in his speech ‘solidarity with Israel’ and ‘the reason for the solidarity with Israel’. He expressed his solidarity because, he saw Israel as a helpless society before the Hamas terror attacks.

It is reported that case been registered under IPC 143, 147, 149 and 243.

Krishnakumar asked why a case has not been registered against Shashi Tharoor who participated in the Muslim League rally calling for death to Israel. He wondered why there is no case against Congress leader Rajmohan Unnithan MP, who called, at a Congress rally, for the execution of the Prime Minister of Israel without trial.

For a layman, it will be difficult to find any reason for charging the above IPC clauses. In another words, all are not equal, some are more equal than others.

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