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Kerala Samastha call to stop ‘football frenzy’

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Kerala (VSK). Saudi Arabia has demolished Argentinian pride in world Cup. Japan did beat Germany. But, here, in Kerala, Samastha Kerala Jam-hayathul-Qutba Committee, the organisation of Khabees who deliver Friday speeches in mosques, has called on the believers not to be carried away by the football craze. They maintain that even though football is not a banned game for Muslim, extravaganza in its name should be avoided. Games influence people, but it should not turn an intoxicant. Religion has set some limits for everything.

“A Muslim has to pray five times a day. However, the World Cup frenzy has affected the prayers of the faithful. There should be restraint in this regard”, Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyyathul Khutba committee general secretary Nasar Faizi said. He said that it is unbelievable that even unemployed people are ready to spend money on erecting cut-outs.

“Entertainment can be encouraged, but it should not become an addiction. We should worship God, not stars”.

The message has been conveyed to the preachers to highlight it in the Friday speeches. The message says, hero worship is against the spirits of Islam. Huge ‘cut-out culture’ is against the monotheism, the basic tenet of Islam.

“Omnipresent” cut-outs will lead to hero worship hence polytheism. Islam is for worshipping only Allah.

It says, football matches, in general, take place in the night hence can lead to missing the congregational prayers. Qutba committee general secretary Nasar Faizi Koodathayi says, football fans develop interest in one or another player. But the interest should not develop into worship which could lead into slavery.

Islam does not permit reckless indulging in sports and games or making the life itself a sort of entertainment.

Then comes the crux of the call. Teams of the countries hostile to Islam should not be promoted here.

Another interesting point is his apathy and the enmity towards Portuguese team. He says, Portugal was the first colonial invader in Bharat. He would not say anything about Mahommed Bin Qasim who invaded Bharat in 711 AD and conquered Sind, the integral part of the undivided Bharat, let alone Khilji, Gazni, Moguls, so on. For him Islamic invaders are not ‘invaders’. He starts counting from Portugal.

Impartial observers can see Neo Talibanism in Qutba order to the preachers. Can anyone blame one if he calls it ‘fatwa’.

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