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Food Poisoning- E-coli bacteria found in water, dead insects in rice and other grains

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Kerala. Shocking lab reports have emerged in the case of food poisoning incident among students from Kayamkulam school and Kottarakkara Anganwadi. The inspection found that the food grains in both places were not edible.

According to the report, the presence of E. coli bacteria in the water of Kayamkulam school was confirmed. Insect remains were found in the rice and on the chillies. Insects were also found in rice, beans and rye distributed to children at Kottarakkara Anganwadi. Test results of samples collected from Vizhinjam and Kasaragod schools for similar food poisoning have not been received yet.

Fifteen students of Kayamkulam Town Government School contracted food poisoning after the school reopened. The children ate sambar and rice distributed by the school. The children sought treatment at a hospital after experiencing discomfort. The children then returned home and were again admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain and fatigue. The incident is being investigated by the Health Department and the Food Safety Department.

The food poisoning was reported in an Anganwadi in Kottarakkara too. Four children who ate from here experienced vomiting and diarrhoea. The health department had found 35 kg of worm-infested rice from here.

Two children from Vizhinjam LMLP school have been diagnosed with norovirus due to food poisoning. It is spread through unhygienic food and water.

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