करंट टॉपिक्स

‘Please accept my contribution for Prabhu Shriram’

Pune (VSK). ‘Please accept my contribution for Prabhu Shriram, make my life meaningful and give me a chance to serve Shri Ram’. Saying this, Balmama [Nagma] Gajendra Kambale, a transgender from Lokmanya basti Paramhans Nagar, Paud road, Kothrud donated money.

Balmama born in Pune with unnatural physical structure. He was in Salwar kurta. We took his prior appointment on phone and then we – Chorge from Lokmanya basti, Ashikrao Aagwekar, Karywah of Paramhans Prabhat, and I went at his house.

He greeted us with tea and water as usual when we went to his house. As someone from the Sangh came to meet Mama, so other family members also gathered there. Then in discussion we raised the issue of Nidhi Samarpan for the Ram Mandir. He expressed that we must accept his donation through his money which he collected from bagging.

In society we used to neglect transgender people but we met Balmama in the time of Corona Lockdown. We came to know that there are 25 to 30 people in Paramahansa nagar at that time. We got acquainted with them while doing service and today they reached the footsteps of Lord Rama.

His elder brother, his wife and their 2 daughters and 2 sons live together in a family. The house is of only 5 iron roofing sheets, the financial situation is very poor, in simple terms, they are living in a slum. The children are studying D. Ed, IT Engineer even in adverse conditions. This is really admirable.

Shriram Jeevan Deshpande

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