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Wheather Kashmir is a personal Estate of Abdullahs : Ram Madhav

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New Delhi May 28:  RSS senior functionary Ram Madhav strongly replied to Jammu and Kasmir Chief Minister Omar  Abdullah who slammed the newly appointed Central government who said ‘J&K won’t be part of India ‘ and ‘Article 370 was the ONLY constitutional link” between the state and the rest of the country.

Earlier Omar Abdullah tweeted, “Mark my words and save this tweet – long after Modi Govt is a distant memory either J&K won’t be part of India or Art 370 will still exist.”

He also questioned why the statement about Article 370 was coming so soon. “So the new MoS PMO says process/discussions to revoke Art 370 have started. Wow, that was a quick beginning. Not sure who is talking.”

This morning, the RSS slammed the J&K Chief Minister, asking whether Kashmir was a parental estate of the Abdullahs.

RSS’s Ram Madhav tweeted: “Jammu & Kashmir won’t be part of India? Is Omar thinking its his parental estate? If article 370 or no article 370 in J&K, It has been and will always be an integral part of India.”


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