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RSS lodges complaint against fictitious Twitter handle on its name

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RSS has no Twitter handle on the name of RSS Laddakh

RSS has nationwide only one official twitter handle @RSSOrg

Jammu. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Jammu Kashmir has rejected the fictitious Twitter handle on the name of RSS Laddakh. RSS Jammu Kashmir has lodged a complaint against the factious Twitter handle running on its name. The complaint has been lodged with the Cyber Police station by the officials of the RSS Jammu Kashmir. It was observed that account was created in Pakistan. Tweets were circulated in the name of RSS Laddakh which was totally fictitious as RSS has no such account.

While elaborating on the issue, Jammu Kashmir Prachar Pramukh Rajan Joshi  said that the fictitious Twitter handle created by some Anti National elements to malign the image of RSS, in the name of RSS Laddakh. As RSS Jammu Kashmir has no such twitter handle. An fictitious account on the name of RSS Laddakh was created on June 2nd and on June 3rd First tweet was circulated. This shows that some elements want to malign the image of RSS. “RSS has one twitter handle @RSSOrg, which is the official Twitter handle of the organization” added, Joshi.

Rajan Joshi said that someone with ill intention created such account on the name of RSS Laddakh to defame RSS and use it for furthering false propaganda. On June 3rd first tweet was generated at 6.08 PM. One Iqbal Ansari living in America re – twitted the tweet which was further circulated on social platform.

Rajan Joshi further informed that in their preliminary inquiry by cyber experts  it was found that the VPN address through which twitter handle has been originated is linked to Pakistan. It shows that Pakistan is in forefront to malign the image of RSS as the organization is working day and night to make India a strong nation and help its citizens without differentiating the caste, creed and religion of Indians.

It is worthwhile to mention that the conspiracy hatched by the anti national elements to sabotage the Hindu-Budhist unity in Laddakh by creating such fictitious twitter handle and also to defame the RSS. It is matter of fact that the RSS never divides human beings on the name of religion, caste, creed and culture and the focus of the RSS always on social work.


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