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SDPI Raises Domestic War Threat

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Kerala (VSK). Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) State Vice President P. Abdul Hameed comes out with the domestic war threat camouflaged as Kerala State Formation Day Celebrations.

The agenda for Domestic War has been disclosed through SDPI’s FB post of Kerala State Formation Day.

It is to be remembered that PFI’s efforts to unleash nation-wide riots in the name of anti-CAA agitation turned futile. Central Government had banned PFI and its offshoot organisations in the wake of the incidents of PFI’s fund raising abroad and conducting terrorist training in various states. But, SDPI, the political front of PFI, is still not banned.

SDPI was perplexed when Union Government banned PFI. Now, they are planning agitations and then spread violence throughout the country. SDPI appears to start agitations against the recommendations submitted by the Parliament Committee on Official Languages. They propagate, the recommendations are intended to implement the agenda of “Hindu – Hindi – Hindustani.

SDPI conducts a seminar on “Federalism & Language Diversities” in Kottayam Press Club on November 1, the Kerala Day, the anniversary of the formation of the state in 1956. It is the launch of their agitation in the name of language. SDPI leaders’ domestic war threat is the kick off of this agitation.

It is too unfortunate that Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) organises the platform for this programme of fissiparous ideologies. The KUWJ-PFI nexus exposed by Siddiq Kappan case is a continuing process through SDPI, it appears. Since they know that anti-Hindi agitations will not gather momentum in Northern Bharat, SDPI opts a new line of having co-operative efforts with political outfits in southern Bharat.

Now, SDPI is all set to take over the secret PFI agenda of separate Malabar state, Confederation of South Indian States, etc. They are likely to get the support of some parties having presence in Southern Bharat alone.

It is too pathetic, grip of Islamic fundamentalists in the state of Kerala is growing day by day, thanks to the journalists, self-styled intellectuals and cultural personalities, ruling CPM-led LDF and Opposition Congress-led UDF and all other sorts of pseudo secularist groups and so on.

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