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    Devotees foil CPI (M) bid to take 2 women to Sabarimala

    Two women activists of CPI (M) escorted by policemen in plainclothes on the way to Sabarimala were stopped by devotees midway on Wednesday early morning (Jan 16). The women had covered their faces to hide their identity. According to Janam TV report, the devotees spotted Reshma Nishant, a staunch CPI (M) activist, and her friend Shanila. It is reported that there were four more women in the group. Reports s ...

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    Cases registered against 100 for chanting sarana mantra

    Despite the intervention of Kerala High Court and its clear cut directive not to put devotees in trouble, the police continue to harass devotees in Sabarimala. The court had observed that CrPC 144 was not at all necessary in Sabarimala. Yet on the police has registered cases against 100 identifiable devotees in Sabarimala for chanting sarana mantra. Cases were slapped against some children who led the bhaja ...

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    Police harassment continues in Sabarimala; several devotees return without darshan

    Scared by the rigorous restrictions and massive police build-up of en route to Sabarimala, many devotees have decided to return to their homes without having darshan. Asianet, the Marxist propaganda machine in Malayalam, has reported that about 110 devotees from Andhra Pradesh have returned fearing police oppression. A reporter said they were subjected to severe questioning by the police. Some devotees were ...

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    Seva Bharathi serves food for the protesters in Nedubasserry airport

    Kochi. Seva Bharathi serves food for the prayer protesters, who stood against, Trupti Desai who has arrived in Nedubasserry airport to visit sabarimala to breach the traditions. The devotees have been protesting since 4.30 am today. After all these hours Trupti remains within the airport. She is stuck in the airport because of the protest by the devotees. Trupti Desai spiced up the situation with her statem ...

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    Tension mounts as devotees block Trupti for 5 hrs at Kochi airport; police bid to smuggle her out foiled

    Hundreds of devotees thronged Kochi International airport at early Friday morning to protest against ‘Right to Pray’ activist Trupti Desai who had descended in Kerala along with six other young women to visit Sabarimala in violation of age-old traditions. The restriction on young women’s entry was done away with the Supreme Court in its order on September 28. The number of protesters also increased as the d ...

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    State Government has no power to interfere in day to day affairs of Sabarimala – Kerala High Court

    In a major setback to the ruling CPM, the Kerala High Court has ordered today that the state government has no power to interfere in day to day affairs of Sabarimala. While considering three petitions regarding the Sabarimala issue, including a bail plea in the arrest of a protester, the court also said that the government cannot give instructions to the Devaswom Board on every matter. The priority of the g ...

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    No Donation Campaign Hits Devaswom Board Hard

    As protests against the hasty implementation of Sabarimala verdict intensify, it has taken a toll on the Hundi (offering box) collection, causing a drastic loss in revenue. Provoked by the Govt’s hostile approach to Hindus and the police atrocities on Ayyappa devotees, the devotees have launched a new method of protest which hit the bull's eye. Instead of money, the devotees are now putting paper notes with ...

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    Sabarimala issue – South Indian Devaswom ministers skip meeting on Sabarimala called by CM Vijayan

    Dealing a major blow to Pinarayi Vijayan-led government in Kerala Devaswom ministers of South Indian states did not turn up to discuss the preparations ahead of the Mandala season in the Sabarimala hill shrine. The attained importance as the issue of entry of young women to Sabarimala is a hot topic. They sent only government officers for the meet. The entry of young women violating the centuries old tradit ...

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    Only Hindus Will Head Devaswom Boards – Kerala High Court

    The High Court ruling deals a severe blow to CPM’s sinister move to appoint non-Hindus to key posts in the Kerala Hindu temple administration board New Delhi. Kerala High Court ruled on October 26, that only Hindus can come to the helm of Dewaswoms. The rule is in the wake of petitions filed by BJP state president Adv. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai, Hindu Aikya Vedi general secretary R.V Babu and former Thiruvitha ...

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    Recalcitrant CM Vijayan wants to bring Sabarimala under Red control

    The Kerala government plans to appoint a large number of CPI(M) cadres as temporary workers in a bid to grab control over Sabarimala and to take on devotees who will be resisting young women’s entry in the coming Mandala season. Despite huge police presence in Sabarimala last time, the government has failed to take non-Hindu activists to the hill shrine. There were reports in Malayalam media that the CPI(M) ...

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