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    Kerala – Forest Department Terms Sabarimala Chants as ‘Noise Pollution’

    Lists Out Ecological Hazards Of Pilgrimage The Kerala Forest Department in its ecotourism development report to the Centre has termed Sabarimala pilgrim chants as ‘noise pollution’ and listed out the environmental ‘hazards’ caused by the pilgrimage. The Travancore Devaswom Board, which manages the holy Hindu shrine, has taken strong exception of the report, with its president A Padmakumar terming the statem ...

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    CPM’s student’s wing SFI denigrates Hindu God Ayyappa on Kerala college campus

    In a calculated move to insult Hindu belief and instigate communal tension, the ruling CPM’s students’ wing SFI has put up hoardings at the campus of Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, denigrating Hindu god Lord Ayyappa, the presiding deity of Sabarimala temple. Endorsing the women entry into Sabarimala temple, the student’s union leaders depicted Lord Ayyappa in between the legs of a bleeding woman! The writi ...

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    Double standards! CPM Government says NO to removal of illegal crosses from temple land

    Takes case against those who installed Trishul in protest against Church’s land encroachment Kerala. The chief minister’s office made an intervention to stop the recovery of the land encroached by the church after 'planting' crosses in Panchalimedu, a part of the sacred forest of Lord Ayyappa. Chief minister Vijayan’s intervention came as the deadline, issued by the revenue department officials, for removin ...

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    Church erects Crosses and encroaches ‘Sacred Forests of Lord Ayyappa’

    The church with the alleged connivance of the state government is encroaching the ‘sacred forests’ associated with the Sabarimala temple, known as ‘Poonkavanam’ in Kerala. The Malayalam newspaper Janmabhumi reported that massive encroachment of forestland is taking place at Panchalimedu, a part of Sabarimala forests in Idukki district. The entire region has been designated as an ecologically fragile under t ...

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    Respect the uniqueness of each temple

    For ten thousand years, our temples and the festivals associated with them have nurtured our religious traditions. This has been always against various opposing forces. Every temple has a story; every temple festival has a legend behind it. These have been preserved in our Sthala Puranas. To ignore or neglect this great heritage is like overlooking a treasure house of knowledge and well-being. The Azhvar sa ...

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    Translation of Amma’s Malayalam speech at Ayyappa Bhakt Sangamam

    Whatever incidents that have happened recently related to Sabarimala are quite unfortunate. The root cause of the problem is the absence of adequate knowledge about the specific nature of conception of each deity worshiped in a temple and the practices of austerities associated with each of them. Ignoring or discontinuing them is not correct. When we consider the nature of deities worshiped in a temple, we ...

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    Kerala sees one of the largest congregations of Hindus against Communist govt.

    Ayyappa Bhaktha Sangamam A massive gathering of devotees had come together on Sunday in Thiruvananthapuram to protest against the communist government in Kerala which has been ‘incessantly trying to destroy temple traditions and Hindu customs’ in the state. Devotees, seers and spiritual leaders from across South India had gathered, making it one of the largest congregation of Hindus in the history of Kerala ...

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    Come close to know Sabarimala – Not a discrimination, a unique temple, Unique Practice

    The Nation is watching what is happening in the God’s own country, the world famous Shrine Sabarimala is in the news from September 28 when the Apex Court permitted young women entry into the shrine. There are umpteen queries  regarding the practice of this unique temple which is being showcased as a centre of discrimination but to unearth the real facts little pain has be put in. The strange theories of di ...

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    CM Vijayan, you are a murderer, you will kill all, says slain devotee’s daughter

    “How can a chief minister be so insensitive and tell lies in front of the media? My father was killed by CPI (M) goons who pelted stones from their party office. He has not died of any heart attack. One portion of his head was scattered when bricks thrown by the goons hit his head. Even before the post-mortem report came, how can a chief minister say he died of heart-attack without any qualms. You are a mur ...

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    After Manithi Activists, Two More Women Return Following Steadfast Protests By Ayyappa Devotees

    A day after 11 activists belonging to Chennai-based ‘Manithi’ (NGO) failed to enter the Lord Ayyappa shrine at Sabarimala, two more women in their forties were turned back without being able to enter the shrine on Monday (24 Dec.), reports The Tribune. The attempt by two women, came a day after a group of 11 women activists of ‘Manithi’, a Chennai-based outfit, unsuccessfully tried to reach the shrine. Stea ...

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