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Ultimate Goal of RSS Vishwaguru Bharat………18/18

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Vijayadashami Lekh-Mala

Bharat-Soon to Adorn Vishwaguru’s Throne

Narendra Sehgal

Today, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is recognized as the largest powerful, disciplined and dedicated organization not only in India but also in the world, The structure of RSS viz establishment, promotion, expansion, influence and impact during the past 9 to 10 decades since its inception is a glittering treatise of innumerable examples of sacrifice and devotion for our Nation and the society.

For resuscitation of this Nation, a sapling planted in Nagpur in the form of ‘Shakha’ with a handful of teenagers, has now become a large वटवृक्ष (Banyan tree) under which many Nationalist organizations have thrived and are flourishing. On their part the Swayamsevaks of Sangh are moving forward steadily towards their designated goal of विश्व गुरु  ‘Vishwaguru Bharat’.

Bharatiya Sanskriti/Hindutva is the Strong Foundation of World Peace.

The RSS believes that before restoring India to the status of Vishwaguru, it is essential to shape up India as Bharatvarsha, i.e. ‘Bharat in its pristine glory’. The RSS has successfully revived ‘Hindutva’ sentiment with an effervescence of its eternal identity (Sanatan Self) and age old culture (Sanatan Sanskriti). The current projection of a comprehensive, all-encompassing, multi-faceted, all-embracing and omniscient Vishwaguru Bharat, is synonymous with ‘Hindutva’. That alone can ensure lasting peace in the world. सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः (Prayers for happiness and wellbeing of all). It is only the Hindutva that is genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of all.

The History would vouch that followers of Hindutva never established their political empires. They never enforced conversion of religion on anyone and did not demolish other’s places of worship. India has always provided shelter to the persecuted, tormented and the destitute be it from anywhere in the world. Only Hindutva acknowledges and respects diversity. ‘एकम सत विप्राः बहुधा वदन्ति’ (Truth is one but the wise interpret the same in many ways) is the cardinal principle of Hindutva. ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the most cogent and cohesive cultural quality of India.

The quest for peace and stability by way of revolutions, political upheavals, social upsurge, mass struggle and through organizations like United Nations could not achieve this. However, the same can be accomplished by way of सनातन भारतीय संस्कृति (eternal Indian culture), because it is deeply entrenched in spirituality. So far the efforts for world peace have remained futile because their ethos and the thought process was directionless and largely based on stark materialism.

सनातन भारतीय संस्कृति based on spirituality has great potential to be the torch bearer for lasting world peace. That is because the rich Indian heritage does not belong to a single caste, region or religion. It is meant for the entire humanity. Before discussing this potential further, we have to understand the different ideologies which failed to provide lasting peace and happiness to the world despite their efforts of many centuries.

Dangerous Ideology that treats Non-believers as infidels

Today, in more than sixty countries of the world, there is political domination of a religion that does not allow the followers of any other faith to even live. History testifies that the flag bearers of this religion gave nothing to the world except bloody jihad, slaughter, annihilation of infidels (idol worshipers) and desecration/destruction of their places of worship. Just imagine a sect the Holy book of which commands elimination of those not embracing their faith. How can the preachers of such a faith be expected to usher a terror-free world.

Followers of a faith advocating one promoter, one book, one prayer system and same traditions for all cannot be at peace with natural diversity of the mankind where a being would have his/her individual needs. The ideologies that wish to drive the world in a single direction through the sword and intimidation, shall only lead to breeding terrorism and instability that would be soon rejected by the world.

The World is also Threatened by Autocratic Imperialism

In the same way, the religion which successfully established its hegemony over a large part of the world also failed to provide peace to the world. Its ideology continues to pervade half of the world even today. It has also been established that a society driven by lust for dominance through economic imperialism and stockpile of weapons, cannot provide lasting peace to the world.

The unethical practice of conversion by way of financial allurement, deceit and the resultant contamination of National fabric of the target countries, may be successful in establishing large kingdoms. But this cannot form the basis for real unity in the diverse world. In order to satiate their expansionist ambitions, followers of this religion have exploited the innocent for their political interests to mentally enslave the natives of the colonized nations. They have also spread religious fanaticism in more than half of the world.

Contradictory Doctrines within Communism collapsed this Materialistic edifice.

Talking about the communists, the speed with which it spread, it crashed equally fast and got wiped out in almost entire world. Even China had to amalgamate communism with capitalism. The communists disdainfully scoffed at the Divine Creator, religion, nationalism and time-tested traditions in the name of socialism and equality. They failed to recognize inherent diversity of mankind and applied the same mechanized ideology for diverse needs of humanity. The world still remembers how their opponents were tortured and murdered by the communists in the concentration camps.

The communists who believed in economic development alone as guarantee for overall prosperity of human beings, considered only man’s physical body as a complete human being but ignoring their emotional and spiritual needs. By ignoring mind, intellect and soul, they treated humans merely as mechanical entities, dumb & emotionless creatures without aspirations.

In the above mentioned ideologies, there is no underlying thought for developing human beings to enable them to take care of their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. There is no mechanism for overall development or the idea of एकात्म मानववाद (integral humanism) where every individual’s attempt to excel is in consonance with collective excellence of mankind. There is hardly any room for humanity in the three ideologies discussed above, their activities and objectives. Instead of practising welfare they are treating human beings as a flock of sheep to be herded with a stick. It was because of this mindless approach that the concept of ‘communes’ came out which proved a big failure and was eventually rejected.

Today, the atmosphere that is being created around the world is that of terror, fake life style, piles of weapons for mass destruction and holocaust of impending third world war. This is all due to these three ideologies.

Annihilation of Adharma and Re-establishment of Dharma

Today the humanity is bleeding and it desperately needs solace. There is a dark empire of Adharma all around. The world is waiting for incarnation of an अवतार (incarnation) on the Earth to save Dharma and destroy the Adharma. शाश्वत भारतीय संस्कृति (eternal culture of India) has incarnated in the form of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to re-establish Dharma in the world.

Very soon, there will be a resounding proclamation all over the world – “आत्मवत सर्वे भूतेषु, “सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्म” (all beings have the same soul). The whole world will follow this Vedic spirit and will also give it a meaningful purpose – ‘संगच्छध्वं संवदध्वं‘ (all should walk together and communicate affectionately). – ‘वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम’ (The whole world is one family).

We the Bharatiyas are going to move forward with the torch of ‘Hindutva revolution’ globally to establish India definitely as Vishwaguru.


(Writer is senior journalist and columnist)


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