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Vaishalini,from Bharat has the highest IQ in the World

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A 11 year old girl name Vaishalini Reddy, from a village in Tamilnadu from Bharat has the highest IQ in the World. Although she cannot officially claim the Guinness Record because she has not yet completed her 13 years. she must be 14 years old to claim that record.

She is no different from other children at her age she loves to watch her favorite cartoon, riding her bicycle and playing games she likes etc.. But K. Vaishalini isn’t your average 11-year-old girl. she is gifted with a IQ that anyone cannot imagine.

You will be surely surprised when you come to know about her achievements.

Here are some of her achievements:

She has a tested IQ of 225 more than the IQ of world current highest IQ record holder Kim Ung,an adult, his IQ is around 210 & also remember that the IQ of Albert Einstein is only 160 .

She has already completed OCJP and CCNA with more than 90% when she was just 10 years old and this is also a world record. She has also passed Microsoft Certified Professional exam.

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