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Bharat sends medical aid and disaster relief materials to people of Palestine

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Bharat has sent humanitarian aid for people of Palestine, which includes medical aid and disaster relief materials, said Ministry of External Affairs. The move comes after humanitarian aid was allowed to enter Gaza through Egypt’s Rafah border.

Israel has stepped up its offensive against Hamas terrorists, who attacked the Jewish country killing 1400 civilians and taking 200 people hostages. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, was quick to condemn the terrorist attack by Hamas and also pledged full support to Israel. The Israeli forces have given prior warnings to the people of Gaza to move southwards to save their lives from the heavy airstrikes by Israeli Air Force.

The medical supplies from Bharat include life-saving medicines and protective and surgical items. Disaster relief materials include tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, basic sanitary utilities, water purification tablets etc. The disaster relief materials weighing approximately 32 tons and medical supplies of 6.5 tons will be air lifted on Indian Air Force C17 aircraft.

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