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Country’s largest, Rs 25,000 cr worth, drugs seized off Kochi

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Kochi (VSK). One of the largest drug-haul has taken place, on May 13, off Kochi. 2500 kgs methamphetamine worth Rs 25,000 cr was seized from an Iranian vessel. The successful joint operation was carried out by Bharatiya Navy and Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB). A Pak citizen has been taken into custody from the ship. There are reports that Bharatiya Navy and Helicopter had followed the vessel hence the crew sank the vessel and the packets had been transferred to a motor boat hence they were seized from the boat. But there is no confirmation from NCB in this regard.

Methamphetamine, packed in 2800 cans in 134 gunny bundles, are in crystal forms. The vessel had reportedly started voyage from Makran Port, Iran. The action was taken based on the information received. The country of origin of the vessel or other details are not known. There are reports that the drugs are made in Pakistan or Afghanistan and brought to Iran; It is alleged that Pak citizen Haji Saleem is behind the smuggling of the drugs from Iran to other countries by sea.

Drugs were packed in the gunny bundles of various rice companies which produces Basmati rice and distribute.

Meanwhile, Kochi Police has seized Rs 1 cr worth drugs from Kakkanadu, Kochi. Police seized 1 kg MDMA and 10 gm hashish oil from Chinu Mathew, the accused. He hacked the police officer and ran away. Excise authorities allege that he had got involved in various criminal cases.

In the recent past, 50 kgs heroine had been seized from a Pak boat near Gujarat. Earlier Rs 12,000 cr worth heroine had been seized from Kochi costs. Large quantities of drugs had been seized from Mumbai and Gujarat while they were being smuggled to Bharat from South Africa and Pakistan.

This is the latest incident of drug jihad unleashed by Pakistan and other religious fundamentalist forces against our country.

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