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CPM in double standard spree – Yechury criticizes Modi regime, but mum about Kerala government

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Kochi (VSK). CPM has once again exposes itself, this time in the shameless practice of double standard. This refers to our story on CPM Kerala state secretary’s threat against media persons and the case registered against a media person, principal of Maharaja’s College, Course Coordinator and two leaders of KSU, the Congress’s student organization, in connection with the mark list controversy surrounding SFI leader P.M. Arsho. His mark list shows “passed” even though he had not even appeared for the examinations. Arsho complained to the police that the mark list was forged by the college authorities and it was propagated by the media person and the KSU leaders with the sole intention of defaming him (Arsho) and SFI.

CPM’s double standard was exposed when its general secretary Sitaram Yechury attacked union government for “threatening media”. He accused that Modi regime’s style is to threaten the media and deny them the justice. He was referring to the ‘revelation’ of former CEO of Twitter that truth cannot be hidden despite threat against media persons and jailing them on fake charges. Yechury even went to the extent of referring to the union government’s action against farmer’s agitation. But he was not ready to react to the question regarding the statement of CPM Kerala state secretary M.V. Govindan’s threatening statement. Govindan had allegedly told that case would be registered if propaganda is carried out against the state government, CPM and SFI. His statement invited the wrath of the prominent cultural leaders and writers from the state Then Govindan softened his stand. He tried to clarify his stand. He said, he had never said that case would be registered against the critics of the state government, CPM and SFI. He claims, he meant that legal actions would be taken against conspiracies.

Sitaram Yechury’s chat with the media proves that CPM central leadership is in a dilemma: They claim that they stand for freedom of press; but cannot call a spade a spade when its state unit and its government rubs up the media wrong way. Then the only option is double standard, that is, blame the union government for ‘anti media actions’ and shut the eyes to the anti-media actions of CPM regime and party in Kerala. And, Yechury opted this.

In the meantime, Dr. R. Bindu, the Kerala Minister for Higher Education, told the media that police would not take case (against media persons) unless there is a conspiracy.

Now, the Save University Campaign Committee (SUCC) has demanded probe into all examinations conducted in the ‘autonomous’ Maharaja’s College, Kochi. It is in view of the various complaints arising including that of Arsho.

And, SFI leader, infamous for fabricating fake experience certificate, is still not arrested. There are reports that the police team has been expanded drafting cyber investigators into it. It is funny that even though her mobile phones are switched off, she makes her presence felt in the Facebook. People wonder, despite this, she still evades arrest.

BJP president K. Surendran said that if CPM state secretary M.V. Govindan is quizzed, her whereabouts would be revealed. The arrest is deliberately delayed.

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