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Israel-Palestine conflict – Jerusalem mosques use loudspeakers urging to join Jihad against Israeli forces

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With Hamas terrorists firing rockets on Israel from the Gaza Strip, a few mosques in Jerusalem have started inciting locals in Israel to fight for Jihad and go against Israeli forces.

Reportedly, the mosques of the Shuafat refugee camp inside the Jerusalem municipality were using their loudspeakers to incite violence in Israel to join Hamas terrorists to attack Israelis.

The incident has captured on videos which have been shared on social media. In the video, the loudspeakers installed on the minarets of the mosques are being used to mobilise to fight against the defence forces. Locals are being asked to rise up and join the Jihad (holy war) against the Israeli Defence Forces and the Israeli Government.

Several videos have been shared by pro-Hamas channels, according to The Times of Israel. The channels have also shared videos of street celebrations in the West Bank city of Nablus.

Notably, Shuafat refugee camp is the only refugee camp in Israel, located in the northwest of Jerusalem. The mosques in the camp area recited a verse from the Quran that said, “God will punish their murderers by your hands; Fight with them so that God will punish them by your hands”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war on Saturday after thousands of rockets were fired by Hamas terrorists. “Citizens of Israel, we are at war. Not an operation not an escalation- at war,” Netanyahu said in a video posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Palestinian terrorists from the Gaza Strip launched massive rocket barrages at southern and central Israel prompting it to declare a ‘state of war’. The terrorists have held several Israelis hostage and killed several civilians in indiscriminate firing.

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