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Josimol got Aadhaar, at last; Saksham’s helping hand worked

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Kottayam. God came, in the form of Saksham, before Josimol, a native of Kumarakam, Kottayam, a girl who does not have any one to depend on. Now, Aadhaar, which she was denied once due to the deformed fingers, comes to her life. Saksham broke open the closed door to extend help to her. Josi (43) has been bed-ridden since the last 26 years due to a disease called Myositis ossificans progressive which catches one among a lakh people. She cannot move. Pallithoppu Puthanparambil Jose and Lucy are her parents. Her fingers of hands as well as feet are incomplete hence biometric data collection was impossible hence Aadhaar remained a mere dream for her. Since there was no Aadhaar, she could not avail the benefits a differently abled person is entitled to have. She could not apply for the unique identity card union government had established. Even Social Welfare Pension was stopped.

Josi knocked every door for Aadhaar’ and met all the concerned personalities. She submitted her grievances before minister V.N. Vasavan and every district collector of Kottayam whenever they took over. All of them sent her back citing the technical reasons regarding the Aadhaar enrolment.

Meanwhile, Vijeesh Vishwambharan, Alappuzha district committee member of Saksham and an executive in Abtech Bio Fertilizer Production Company, had an accidental meeting with Josimol on December 1. When he was told about the issue, he gave the phone number of Saksham Kottayam district unit. Josimol’s family members called them. Saksham, the last resort of the helpless people, sent the members of its Divyanga Kshema Samiti (Committee for The Physically Disabled people) to Josimol’s house the very next day. They sent a letter to Sri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for IT, explaining the hardships Josi suffers due to the lack of Aadhaar. Minister intervened immediately and instructed the Aadhaar Authority in Delhi to take steps to provide Josi with her ‘dream card’. They communicated with the Kottayam District Administration. District Collector Vighneshwari instructed the District Akshaya office and IT Mission to do the needful. Both offices approached UIDAI Director Jacob John. As a result of his instruction Centre employees visited Josi’s house and collected biometric data of her eyes. The same day, they enrolled the information and sought the permission of UIDAI. Once the permission extended, Aadhaar card would reach Josimol’s house within couple of weeks.

Saksham Kottayam District Secretary Sreejith told that despite the union government’s instruction in writing that no physically disabled person should be denied Aadhaar, still lot of people are denied it. Sreejith who intervened in Josimol’s Aadhaar issue, told that Saksham has resolved to intervene in similar issues. They are utmost happy as they could provide a TV for Josimol, a fulfilment of Josi’s wish.

Lucy told, that they never hoped to have an Aadhaar for the daughter. Saksham came with a ray of hope when all expectations had dashed. And, it materialised. They all are happy now.

Saksham workers bring TV to Josimol’s house.



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