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‘PoK is Azad Kashmir’ – CPI(M) leader KT Jalil’s controversial statement

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As the country is celebrating Amrit Mahotsav (75 years of Independence), exposing the true face of leftists, former minister and MLA KT Jaleel sparked a controversy by saying ‘part of Kashmir annexed to Pakistan was known as Azad Kashmir.’ He expressed his opinion through his Facebook post.

The MLA who had to step down due to the Lokayukta verdict criticised the abrogation of article 370 while praising the Occupied Territories of Kashmir as truly being free.

“Kashmir has lost its charm. Wherever you look, you only see the army. Kashmir has forgotten to smile. All politicians are under house arrest. The second Modi government has divided Kashmir into three parts,” his Facebook post read. The CPI(M) leader further questioned if the abrogation of Article 370 served its purpose.

“The part of Kashmir annexed to Pakistan was known as “Azad Kashmir”. This area was not directly influenced by the Pakistani government. Pakistan only controlled currency and military aid. Azad Kashmir had its own army. The unified army became the general army of Azad Kashmir during Ziaul Haq’s presidency. In short, there are no powers to speak of,” KT Jaleel wrote.

Jaleel’s Facebook has evoked massive responses from nationalists. BJP spokesperson Sandeep Warrier reacted to his post saying ‘Jalil is whitewashing Pakistan.’

India’s official position is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The Indian Parliament unanimously passed the resolution that it is a part of India. As a people’s representative and former minister, do you not accept the Indian position of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir? Pakistan gave a part of So-called Azad Kashmir to China. The government of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is a joke. There is complete Pakistani rule. A part of Kashmir was not naturally annexed to Pakistan, it was occupied by Pakistan Army, and if it was not for Indian military action, they would have occupied the entire Kashmir,” BJP spokesperson Sandeep Warrier said.

Notably, KT Jaleel is a close associate and aid of CM Pinarayi Vijayan.


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