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Swaysmsevaks support administration of Covid Hospitals at 219 places

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Swaysmsevaks started Covid Service Centres in 43 major cities, 2442 Vaccination Centers, 10,000  Awareness Campaigns for promoting vaccination

New Delhi. The brutal attack of Corona has affected many parts of the country. The RSS humbly pays tribute to all those who lost their lives in the Corona pandemic. The contribution of all the Corona warriors, including doctors and others including staff and security personnel engaged in other medical works including the supply of oxygen and other materials, is of utmost importance. Our sensitive society has reacted appropriately in these circumstances. Even though the situation is serious, yet one must not forget that the Bharatiya society has tremendous strength.

The above remarks were made by Sunil Ambekar, Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh while addressing an online press conference today.

Sharing details about the service activities carried out by swayamsevaks with support of the society, Ambekar said, “As always, organizations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Sewa Bharati and many others are working day and night to provide relief to the affected areas and families. On the initiative of the Sangh, twelve types of major essential works have started on priority.”

These works include -Isolation centers for suspected Covid patients, Covid Care (service) Centers for Covid positive people, Assistance in Government run Covid Centers and Hospitals, Telephone Helplines for assistance, Blood Donation, Plasma Donation, Assistance in carrying out Funerals, Distribution of Ayurvedic kaada, Counseling, oxygen supply and ambulance services,  Distribution of food, ration and masks, Vaccination campaign and Awareness activities that have been started on a priority basis by volunteers in many states with immediate effect.

“Local administration is also being given all possible help so that together, all of us can overcome this challenge,” he said.

In Indore, On Sangh’s initiative, with the cooperation of the government, private hospital and Radhaswami Satsang, a significantly large Covid Centre has been set up. It has emerged as an excellent example of coordination of the govt. and society, said Ambekar.

He further added, “The RSS swayamsevaks are running Covid Service Centres (Covid Seva Kendra) in 43 major cities. The administration of Covid hospitals is being supported at 219 other locations. 2442 Vaccination Centers have been started so far with awareness campaigns in more than ten thousand places for vaccination.”

Replying to a question, Ambekar said, “600 plasma units were made available in Pune by swayamsevaks which helped to save 1500 lives. It is a continuous process and a donor list of ready to donate Plasma donors is already being prepared at state and local level across the country.”

“The RSS  has also set up teams at local level to facilitate provision of regular meals to senior citizens who do not have any other support and are facing problems related to food due to present circumstances,”  said Ambekar while replying to another question.

He said, “It is necessary to have cooperation of everyone in the society in this work and Bharat shall win this battle with Corona with coordinated efforts of the administration and society.”

11 thoughts on “Swaysmsevaks support administration of Covid Hospitals at 219 places

  1. 🕉️🙏🙏🙏🚩

    Namaste Sir

    We are extremely happy to hear that RSS involved to deal with present pandemic.

    It is a coordination between RSS, other like minded people and Government. In my opinion, this is key point for reaching out the needy.

    Since we have large population, issue becomes complex. In multiple ways it has to chalked out. In my opinion, we are doing this by taking different programs.

    Desh ki Raksha RSS
    Hindu ki Raksha RSS

    Desh ki Dhadkan RSS
    Hindu ki Dhadkan RSS

    Desh ki Hith me RSS
    Hindu ki Hith me RSS

    Desh ki Liye RSS
    Hindu ki Liye RSS

    In my opinion, RSS gives a complete and holistic approach to deal with.

    Burela Laxminarayana PhD
    Swayamsevak from Bhagyanagar

  2. RSS always at the service when country facing drastic situations such as on going Covid pandemic or cyclones or earth quake etc. Great work vas usual. Keep it up. Excellent services rendered whenever on crises. Well done RSS. We appreciate your selfless service.

  3. Once again prove that RSS is dedicated to the people to the nation.Jay RSS ki Jay❤ 👍❤

  4. There are many volunteers interested to support the work by RSS, but most dont know how to approach and their nearby areas where we can inform about our interest. How to support the group of RSS volunters?

  5. I wanted to support RSS volunteer in my area. I stay in Jadavpur constituency of Kolkata. Would be happy if I can get any coordinates of them!

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