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Freedom of Expression comes with responsibility – Prof K.G. Suresh

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Narad Jayanti Celebrated in Chennai

Chennai. Vishwa Samvad Kendra, Tamil Nadu celebrated Narad Jayanti on 15th June 2024. The event was celebrated to commemorate avatar day of Devarshi Narad, who is hailed as World’s 1st journalist/communicator. Three media persons who have made immense contribution to the society were also conferred with Narad Award 2024.

Former News Presenter of Doordarshan Shobana Ravi Presided the function. Prof (Dr.) K.G. Suresh, Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi University Bhopal & former Director General, IIMC was the keynote speaker.

Speaking on the occasion, Shobana Ravi said “Narad Ji conquers space & time, Narad Ji was not just a musician, writer but he was also a trust worthy messenger. Today, 4th pillar is shaky due to false ceiling. We must work for common good. We must preserve Freedom and Culture. Narad Ji was respected by all, his credibility was never in doubt. We must be responsible we should be truthful”.

Prof K.G. Suresh said “Narad Jayanti is gaining acceptance. Narad Ji was earlier portrayed as a comic character in movies, but he contributed for common global good. Narad Ji was icon of communication. Narad Ji effortlessly approached all. Everyone listened to him. Today only a very few journalists command that respect. Our civilization has 1000 years of communication model, but we chose to ignore and follow western communication models. It is important to study our own communication model.

Freedom of Expression comes with responsibility. We should talk about stories of National interest. Media must communicate about Bharat to the world. Positive aspects of common people, how people work for upliftment of society, stories of self-less volunteers should be talked. It is important to put our perspective. Bharat’s positive stories should be talked. We need Global platform, create global partnership to tell Bharat’s story to the world.

S. Vijaya Krishna, Doordarshan Anchor was awarded Narad Award for his immense contribution in the field of upliftment of women. Kodhai Jayalakshmi who has been working too hard to take our ancient history and culture to next generation through print medium and T. S. Krishnan who has been active in spreading Bharatiya history, culture, literature was also awarded.


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