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    CPM’s student’s wing SFI denigrates Hindu God Ayyappa on Kerala college campus

    In a calculated move to insult Hindu belief and instigate communal tension, the ruling CPM’s students’ wing SFI has put up hoardings at the campus of Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, denigrating Hindu god Lord Ayyappa, the presiding deity of Sabarimala temple. Endorsing the women entry into Sabarimala temple, the student’s union leaders depicted Lord Ayyappa in between the legs of a bleeding woman! The writi ...

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    Remove Traditional Lamps from Police Stations, – Hinduphobic CPM Govt. Issues Fatwa

    The govt. of Kerala has conveyed to the police stations not to lit traditional lamps (deepa) in their premises. If the stations do have any God's pictures or idols they should be removed. The idea is to reduce the strength of 'believers' in the force. Instruction has been passed on to the stations through district police superintendents. The new fatwa is to be viewed against the backdrop of the recent Sabar ...

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    Brother of woman who entered Sabarimala tenders public apology for sister’s sin

    Bharat Bhushan, the brother of Kanaka Durga, an ultra-Left activist who visited Sabarimala violating traditions and hurting sentiments of crores of devotees of Lord Ayyappa, tendered a public apology at Ayyappa Bhakta Sangamam, organised by Sabarimala Karma Samiti in Thiruvananthapuram on January 20 (Sunday). An emotional Bhushan, with folded hands, addressed the mammoth gathering of people and tendered an ...

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    If you apply logic to belief system, there will be no religion – Swami Chidananda Puri

    New Delhi. The Kerala Chief Minister and other CPM ministers must refrain from spreading blatant lies and canards about the Sabarimala movement, said Swami Chidananda Puri, Chief Patron of Sabarimala Karma Samithi, in New Delhi on January 08. He was addressing a press gathering organised by All India Sabarimala Action Council (Akhil Bharatiya Sabarimala Karma Samithi) at Constitution Club, New Delhi, intend ...

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    Another attempt to violate Sabarimala tradition

    Rogue cops escorting young women to Sabarimala run for cover when they see Janam TV camera Rogue cops of Kerala mostly sympathizers of CPI(M) and Islamic extremist outfit SDPI were deployed by IGP to violate traditions in Sabarimala. On Thursday, there were rumours that two more young women will be taken to Sabarimala in the cover of darkness by cops. Janam TV camera man and journalist spotted two suspiciou ...

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    Veteran Kannada writer S.L. Bhyrappa condemns Sabarimala incident

    Mysore. Expressing displeasure over the entry of two women in the Sabarimala temple, Veteran Kannada writer S.L. Bhyrappa said that one should not target the religious practices followed by the people. Speaking to the media after a book launch ceremony, the Kannada Novelist condemned the entry of two women and stated that matter associated with the faith and religious sentiments should not be dragged into t ...

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    SC rejects urgent hearing plea against Sabarimala Thantri

    The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to entertain a contempt petition moved against Thantri of the Sabarimala temple. The Chief Justice of SC replied that there was no urgency to consider the contempt petition as the review is coming upon January 22. The fervent plea made by the petitioners’ counsel was rejected by the court. The CPI(M)-led LDF government has been acting through proxies in the apex court. ...

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    Police drama at Sabarimala

    Activists taken to temple as transgenders, dressed up in male costumes, stayed at guest house as IG’s guests. Kerala. The police drama behind the breach of rituals has been revealed. Police had taken these women as transgenders wearing male costumes. The two activists stayed as IG’s guests in the Guest House. Bindu and Kanakadurga changed their costumes near Aravana plant. They were given shelter in the par ...

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    State-sponsored terror on Lord Ayyappa devotees

    The cool month of December is quite welcoming in Kerala because the business turns out to be lively and vibrant during the mandala kala pooja. Konkani business man Surendran Pai, awaits for this month too. He runs a religious store amidst many modern shops, in a small town in northern Malabar area, in Kottacherry Town in Kanhangad. For the past 30 years he has been selling, stocked up vritham related religi ...

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    A seminar on Police Atrocities on Sabarimala Devotees

    New Delhi. The Supreme Court’s judgement of September 2018, permitting women of all ages to enter the Ayyappa Swami Temple at Sabarimala is contrary to the 1991 judgement of the apex court (S. Mahendran vs Travancore Devaswom Board) where in the August court protected the tradition that was being broken in this specific shrine. Till this date not a single appeal has been filed against this judgement. Rss le ...

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