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    Webinar – “Current economic thinking is not in tune with the Swadeshi model”

    S. Gurumurthy in Webinar on 'Rebuilding Indian Economy' organised by Organiser and Panchjanya New Delhi. A webinar on 'Rebuilding Indian Economy: Challenges and Opportunities' was organised by Organiser and Panchjanya Weeklies on May 11, 2020 at 5.00PM in collaboration with various national media houses in which S. Gurumurthy, Editor of Tughlak, Economist and Writer on Economic and Political Issues spoke on ...

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    Karnataka – Conversion of Hindu youth to Islam revealed during test for Corona

    Tablighi conversion racket busted in Kolar district of Karnataka New Delhi. A Islamic conversion racket led by the Tablighi Jamaatis has been busted by the Kolar police in Karnataka. A Hindu youth was converted to Islam as part of this racket and a case has been registered against a leader of the Tablighi group, Sayyed Usman. He is also accused to falsifying the identity and changing the addresses of three ...

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    1922 Chauri Chaura incident – Families of martyrs felicitated for the 1st time after independence

    Facts about the incident deliberately hidden now made public A unique effort to search for and fill the forgotten and lost pages of India's freedom struggle has begun. A two day seminar on India's freedom struggle was organised at the Deendayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University. The seminar was a joint effort of Itihas Sankalan Yojana and Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) under the aegis of Maulana A ...

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    “We expect a meaningful shift in govt. policies after this study”

    The nationwide study on the status of women conducted by Pune-based Drishti Stree Adhyayan Prabodhan Kendra, with the help of 26 social action groups including 15 national organisations active in diverse fields, has stirred a discussion in the country over the programmes and policies being formulated and implemented about women both by the governments and voluntary organisations. Organiser, spoke to Dr. Man ...

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    Article 370 must go….

    Excerpts from Shri Guruji's interviews Following are the views of Pujaniya Shri Guruji, the 2nd Sarsanghachalak of RSS, on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, expressed on various occasions…... (With the Editor, Organiser, October 1967)  Government does not seem to know what is to be done next in Kashmir. It does not want to lose Kashmir and it does not know how to keep it! Ans. There is only one way to keep Ka ...

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    Mangru Pahan, tribal from Jharkhand, stabbed to death by Muslims for asking them not to smoke ganja outside his house

    Ranchi. On the night of June 21, a 30-year-old man was stabbed to death just because he had asked three youngsters not to smoke ganja outside his house. The incident occurred under Argora police station area of the city and the police arrested three persons in this connection. The victim’s name was Mangru Pahan, a resident of Sarna Toli in Kadru area under Argora police station area. Pahan belonged to a tri ...

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    Entire Hindus of a village barred from voting in Mamata’s WB

    New Delhi. What has been happening in the West Bengal during the TMC rule is beyond what one really can imagine. The Mamata govt. has openly been flouting democratic values. The constitutional obligations have been undermined with impunity without a bit of mercy towards the persecuted citizens who are mostly original Bengali and others. The violence that killed about 18 people in the last Panchayat election ...

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    Save Temple Traditions – “Unified voice, collective intellectual fight is the need of the hour” – Panelists at Organiser event

    There has been a focused effort to wipe out traditional Hindu practices by many forces in the nation and temples have been made target time and again. The Hindu temples were not mere places of worship and stood as a place of peace, harmony, imbuing art, music and culture. The panel discussion arranged by 'Organiser' was to debate those with the help of elite people who were working on the ground to revive t ...

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    Vivek Agnihotri attacked by NSUI in Ahmedabad

    Bollywood director and Author of the book Urban Naxals, Vivek Agnihotri was allegedly attacked by a group of NSUI students during his visit to Bhavan’s Sheth RA College of Arts and Commerce in Ahmedabad on Saturday. According to the reports, Vivek Agnihotri, and Editor of the weekly ‘Organiser’, Prafulla Ketkar was supposed to address a lecture on ‘Urban Naxalism’ at MS University of Baroda on Saturday. Viv ...

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    “We had to face the consequences of being Hindu, I don’t want to go back to Pakistan” – sad story of a Hindu Girl

    It is hard to imagine that in the vicinity of plush farmhouses of Chattarpur area in Delhi, next to Sanjay Colony, there is a place where Hindus migrated from Pakistan are living in a huge number. A cluster of hutments, most of them are half constructed or just a piling of bricks covered with temporary sheds. No roads, no clean water, no sanitation and no basic amenities, they are forced to live in this pat ...

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